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It's been a while since I last wrote here and a lot of things had happened in my life.
Becoming a mommy takes the spot as both the most difficult and amazing event. I adore my little Isabella!

After a long hiatus I am drawing manga pages again. "Six Black" and "Psyche and Eros" are my top priority, with ocasional "Hazel Blue"... just because I have to redraw the later and I still hate inking with the heat of a thousand suns.

I've been working for "The Gathering" as well. For artists out there, I highly recommend it. I got a small paid job from a person who saw my art in there.

Speaking of jobs... I am trying very hard to start my own Cake Art business. I still need a lot of practice but I'm improving. Fondant is not such a strange thing now and I love to model custom figures. (If you live in my country and wanna cake, drop me a line)

I am considering doing commissions as well... but I am not sure yet. Probably need time to finally give a try.

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Warning: A little of Self-Promotion.

"The Gathering" is a a self published comic anthology from some people of the Brian Bendis' Jinxworld forums. For more info about the origins of the anthology, please check….

Well, it turned out my husband, a lifetime fan of comics and aspiring writer, was among those enthusiastic group of friends and partnered with artist John Coker for one of the 2-paged stories within the first issue "The thing with Feathers", the hope-themed volume 1 on 2010. Response from creative teams was so good they also planned vol 2 "The other side of despair" for a later release that same year.

Instead of dying the initiative grew stronger. Editor Andrew Goletz set an online submission process for the volumes to follow. All of 2011 anthologies themes and writers were decided last year and vol 3 just went out for a convention called MOCCA.

It is on this volume that I first contributed. The theme is "Heroes" and my husband wrote a wonderful 7-page story. I won't give many details about the plot, however you can check a preview page in my gallery.  

The experience was wonderful. The quality of the print book has always been amazing... very professional, just like any other comic from big companies. My husband will write for two more volumes, Myth and Romance, and I will be helping him with the latter (very excited, btw.)

I encourage other artists and writers out there to enter the submission process for 2012. Check…. I might be trying solo for vol 9 and together with Ignacio for vol 10 (Dedicated to our first baby, who'll be born on August <3), hope we get chosen.

Well, that's it. Don't forget to check "The Gathering" and if it's not too much to ask, please support the creators by buying a volume or two!

The Gathering:
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I loved being at "Diseño Neto" last Saturday. I wish I could have stayed more but it was not possible.. I'd have loved to visit every expositor in detail and buy tons of stuff, but couldn't at the end T.T.

I arrived early with my husband and remained there all morning. Met Ruth of Pachanga Kids and even two of my high school former classmates! I was attending as member of Gama illustrators, gave lots of business cards and bookmarks in our shared stand, and had a lot of fun!

It was an awesome activity. There were tons of designers from different fields and now I'm even going to make a date with a very nice fashion designer to make an exclusive dress. I'm glad my bookmarks and small cards were popular enough, makes me wish I'd have made more.

Hope we'll have another fair next year, I'd love to attend again!
I'm looking forward to Gama's newest group projects as well. ^.^

Now I need to hurry and work in my website redesign. I'm glad the gallery at least is almost done.
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Lately, I've been wishing to cosplay again.

First problem is I should save money to build the house. Although I know my husband will truthfully support me, I don't wanna be irresponsible with unnecessary stuff. Besides, I've got a lot of medical expenses lately.

Second (and a less important). I'm not sure who to cosplay as. I'm curious to do some crossplay too, but I'm not sure if it'll fit me. I think I'll do a very feminine guy and I don't wanna do a camp >.<. I also found Clare from Magna Carta 2 and the dress is awesome. She looks like and adult and that helps a lot. I still wanna cosplay Sasha from Lost Canvas, but she's too young for me.

Well, I think I'm not going to for a the time being, but I like to dream I could.
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I just joined another Art Community. This initiative came from a very talented acquaintance. ^^


I've been worried about some health issues, but I'm getting better emotionally. I was ordered to do some blood tests, among others, and I hope it's not that serious.

I'll be trying to concentrate in some other projects, in hopes of becoming more optimist. At least the wedding plans keep me somehow happy.
I really want to do a collab art, but I'm not really close to the deviants I like to ask. (The one I speak the most with is too busy and I don't want to bother her)

Besides, my art is kind of low quality in comparison T.T I want to get better!!!
(Cause I haven't talked about it here.)

I'm getting married on January and I'm very happy about it. ^//^

My wedding will be like 70% thematic, 30% traditional... and the theme is my favorite William Shakespeare work "Romeo and Juliet".

I want to work in the design of everything as much as possible. Wedding invitations are ready, cake topper in in process (I love so much my Romeo and Juliet self-made figures). Still wondering about flower arrangements, though and if I'm going to order a custom-made tiara (based on my design).

Dressing code is probably the only thing to be completely traditional, besides the Church (because there's no church to look similar to what I'd want). I just can't imagine people wearing Renaissance outfits... I find it too weird for a wedding!

We haven't decided about wedding favors yet. But we have a couple of options.

For decoration, I've been thinking about either venetian masks, each one themed according to a character of the play or Illustrations by various artists (also, each one for a character). Both ideas sound quite appealing!

That's all!
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This is my very first journal entry. I've been here for a while but I've also been too lazy, since I haven't written anything till now.
What can I say?
I've been working in my webpage:, and my webcomic, sixblack. Besides, I'm attemping to enter an international manga contest, so I will be very busy.
That's all... I'm out of inspiration.